Saturday 18th September 2021,
Loughgall Golf Club Loughgall, Co. Armagh Northern Ireland 18 hole country golf course

A Change At The Top Of The Winter League Table

After six weeks of the Armagh Potato Company sponsored Winter League there is a shift at the top, no longer do we have team Elite leading the way but a well timed push from team Relics have nudged them into 1st place.  I`m sure you have heard the expression “pressure is for tyres”, well I think we are going to see if that really is the case, will team Elite rise or fall under the pressure or will they be pumped up enough to take back the lead before their bike is finally parked up at the end of week eight?

I may have given the impression this is only between two teams, but I can assure you there is still time for a middle positioned team to upset the bramley applecart.  A bit of perspiration may yet form on the brows of the players from team Relics and Elite.  Their wheels have to keep turning at the pace they have been going, if they tire we may see the other teams raise their game and make that crucial dip for the line, its not over yet!

Winter League positions after week six:

1st Relics…44pts, 2nd Elite… 40pts, 3rd Rippers… 38pts, 4th Birdies… 28pts, 5th Bandits… 27pts, 6th Devils… 26pts, 7th Duffers… 18pts and bringing up the rear the Tuners… 10pts.

Please remember if you are playing in a team in the winter league you must make every effort to play your round each and every week.   When players dont play, their team members wonder if its worth playing in the winter league.  They have paid their money to enter but someone in their team has taken away the chance to compete to win.  Everyone understands that there are some situations such as injury or sickness which can be out of our control.

If you enter the competition you must make the effort to play otherwise dont enter!

Finally just a word about Stephen Mullen who had an excellent round acquiring 47 points off his 10 handicap, thats 1 stroke under the course which naturally enough was the best of the week.  Derick Hynes took the gross prize with 43 points, well done fellas great golf!

Good luck and…. Enjoy your golf!

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