Sunday 21st December 2014,
Loughgall Golf Club Loughgall, Co. Armagh Northern Ireland 18 hole country golf course

2014 Tee Times

Information! The 2014 tee time sheet is shown below – contact Cecil Brownlee  if unable to play   

7:03am J.Allen J.McNabb N.Breen J.O’Hagan GREEN 10
7:10am D.Chadwick K.Johnston K McCoy (Captain) B.Teague GREEN 11
7:17am M.Gilpin W.Beattie I.Gordan GREEN 12
7:24am R.Henry R.Mawhinney W.Fenton G Buckley GREEN 13
7:31am S.McCammon W.Stewart K.Todd M.Todd GREEN 14
7:38am N Cornett S.Thompson D. Glass GREEN 15
7:45am B.Nixon D.Hughes J.Traynor A.Kerr GREEN 16
7:52am E.Scullion A.Mills J Corkin GREEN 17
7:59am R Trainor R.Lockhart S.McCann C.Currie GREEN 18
8:06am N.Cook D.Wilson N.Hutchinson N.Weir GREEN 1
8:13am S.Jenkins W.Crawford E.Simpson J.Ruddock GREEN 2
8.20am R.Clarke B.Adair S.McCauley D.McCrory GREEN 3
8:30am D.Hynes J McKnight A Currie J Wilson GREEN 4
8:40am A.Magill S Magill R.Abbott GREEN 5
8.50am S.Wall J.Hewitt B.Raynor GREEN 6
9.00am A.Agg W.Turner A.Ball J.Armstrong GREEN 7
9.10am S.Mills W.Crozier N.McCrorry S.Kane GREEN 8
9:20am G.Vennard L.Lyttle C.Jeffers M.Plackitt GREEN 9
9:30am J.Currie D.McRoberts A.Matthews A.Faulkner GREEN 10
9:40am S.Mullen N.Holmes R.Holmes A.Simpson GREEN 11
9:50am S.McKenna L.McArdle S.Todd GREEN 12
10.00am M.Cullan M.McHugh P.Keegan G.Mulholland GREEN 13
10.10am GREEN 14
10.20am A.Robinson K.Hunniford H.Park S.O’Connor GREEN 15
10.30am B.Morgan S.Golding GREEN 16
10.40am J.Agnew D.Mitchell K.Mitchell J.Faulkner GREEN 17
10.50am K.Holmes M.Hazley GREEN 18
11.00am S.Wilson K.Keegan (President) C Brownlee H Clougher GREEN 1
11.10am E Atkinson N Stewart GREEN 2
11.20am J Lockhart S Graham GREEN 3
11.30am T Lavery P Lavery P Hughes B.Farmer GREEN 4
11:40am E McCaffrey M Ballintine I Beaddie GREEN 5
11:50am G.Williamson J.McCrory P.McCrory GREEN 6
12.00am Ladies tee time start


The committee would like to remind all members, that tee time bookings

ARE ONLY for members playing in competitions.

Any members availing of their alloted time, and not playing competition will face disiplinary action. This has been in club constitution for many years.

Empty slots that are left are now available on a first come first serve basis to

  • New members
  • Current Members who did not confirm their tee-times before the 1st March deadline
  • Current members who did and are on the 2014 tee-time sheet but would like to move from their current time to one of the time slots still free